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Test Before You Invest

Build Digital Momentum Deliver Digital Innovation

• Get Started Right     • Accelerate Progress     • Test New Ideas

We work with companies who know they need to advance their digital agenda but who are struggling to make it happen.

Assessment & Strategy Build Your Gameplan

Assess your opportunities and capabilities and build a plan you can execute.

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Great Teams Capability & Capacity

Cost and performance optimized teams and specialized skills to accelerate your journey.

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Digital Starter Kit Low Cost Flexible Start

Build capability before large technology investments and accelerate your launch.

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Business Prototype Test Before You Invest

Test new ideas and get real feedback to drive investment decisions with our 90 Day business prototype service.

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Excubation Innovate Like A Startup

Accelerate progress while minimizing disruption to operations by excubating digital activities.

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What We Do

We help companies migrate their business into the digital world. More than a tool provider or high cost provider of theoretical advice, we bring world-class experience and understanding of the business challenges and technical complexities to simplify the complex.
  • Bring Clarity

    Not sure where or how to start? We bring real world experience to define your big picture. Opportunities you have. Challenges you will face. Where to start. Skills needed and investment to anticipate.

  • Accelerate Execution

    Have you started your digital journey but feel you can do better, go faster, and get more business results for your money? We bring teams, specialised skills & deep agile and cloud experience to help you gain traction.

  • Business Prototyping

    Have an idea you want to test before you invest heavily. Want to explore an innovation idea “like a startup”? We define the startup organization and fill skill gaps, define objectives, and drive discovery from concept to a deployable business model.

Get Started Right Accelerate Progress Test Before You Invest

Solutions We Provide

Assessment & Strategy

Build Your Gameplan

  Failing to start or failing in the start of your digital transformation? We will

  • Assess your business landscape and capabilities and develop you Digital Improvements Portfolio
  • Identify where to start and how to start
  • Layout an investment plan

Great Teams & Specialized Skills

Capability & Capacity

You need a team to play. You need a great team to win. If you are struggling with your digital transformation execution you should look at your capability and capacity. We provide specialized skills to improve business engagement and agile adoption and managed nearshore teams for cost effective solution delivery.

Digital Starter Kit

Gain Experience Before Big Technology Investments

Big name technology will not make you successful. In fact, it can rob you of scarce resources and lock you in. We have assembled a toolkit of flexible technology components to get you started fast and give you time to gain experience before making big investments decisions. Offered for free in conjunction with a managed team.

Business Prototype

Test Before You Invest

Borrowing from the startup playbook, a prototype / minimal viable product will get you valuable feedback before large investments in time and money. With your idea and our Digital Starter Kit and SWAT Team, we will go from whiteboard to field test in 90 days or less. Future investment will be based on real experience not assumptions.


Innovate Like A Startup

Startups innovate faster out of mindset and freedom from the do’s and dont’s of corporate beaucracy. With you we will define the objectives, required involvement, and provide everything else for a monthly running cost. You own the intellectual property and can insource when desired. Great solution for those that desire rapid progress but lack sufficient skills and technology to make it happen.

How we work

We Value Fast Learning Over Theory & Evolution Over Revolution

  • Agile
    Small fast start. Rapid iterations.

  • Experimentation
    Rapid experimentation over lengthy analysis

  • Coach
    Build internal competencies to go far.

  • Experience Driven Improvement
    Listen to your customers

  • Cloud
    Accelerates benefits, reduces up-front investment, and increases flexibility

Patrick Miller Managing Director
  • A Message from Patrick Miller

    iConec Wave was launched with a simple goal in mind: to help clients who are struggling with their digital transformation. Our philosophy and techniques are a little “unconventional”. Based on decades of experience as a consultant and as an employee in startups and Fortune 100 companies – not theory – our methods, mindset, and experience will get you started right, improve your execution excellence, and make you nimbler and more responsive to change. Everything you need to Make It Happen.

  • Get Started Right

    Many companies Fail to Start or Fail in the Start. Getting off to a bad start wastes time, money, and drains confidence. The root cause is often starting too big, in the wrong place, or without the right skills and tools. Or all these combined! Our Assessment & Planning services were specifically designed to get you started right and in the right direction.

  • Execute to Perfection

    Plans are important but plan execution is needed to win. You need a great team with the right skills, methods, and tools. Get one of these wrong and you struggle, but with all three ingredients you will execute your plan like clockwork. Our SWAT Teams are natives to agile and cloud and our business owner proxies will coach and guide you through the early steps.

  • Respond to Change

    Hindsight is always 20/20. With your digital projects you are likely entering unchartered waters. Everything we do is premised on the assumption that we don’t know everything and must get and respond to feedback early. Working together we infuse this mindset into our clients helping them take risks, receive feedback, and respond rapidly.

  • Get started right, execute to perfection, and respond to change rapidly. That’s our simple goal for our clients.

    Are you ready to Make It Happen?

    Managing Director
    iConec Wave